Decorating Your Home on a Budget: Affordable Solutions That Add Style to Your Space

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Home decorating is a task that seems to come as second-nature for some, but others struggle to create a cohesive and stylish look in their home. While there are several factors that can make home decorating a challenge, one of the most significant factors relates to budget. For most homeowners, re-decorating must be completed on a budget, and it may be a struggle to pull off a desired look when funds are limited. The good news is that there are some affordable solutions that you can incorporate in your space to add style without emptying your bank account.

Create a Plan, But Be Flexible

When it comes to re-decorating your home on a budget, creating a plan is imperative. You do not want to run out of money half-way through your re-decorating efforts. This will almost surely give your décor a thrown together look rather than the cohesive style you are hoping to achieve. While a plan is important, remember to use it as a flexible guide. As you shop around for materials, you may find more affordable options to incorporate into your space than what you planned for. For example, you may find a discounted line of lamps in a furniture store that you love but that may not be the lamps you were shopping for.

Consider Used or Reclaimed Pieces

Many homeowners will renovate or redecorate their homes over time, and in the process, they may toss away perfectly good and even beautiful pieces. These pieces may be cast out of one home because they no longer fit the style the homeowner wants to incorporate into the space, but they may be perfect for your home. You may find reclaimed pieces like a rustic barn door, a claw foot tub or other items that can give your home character but that may not cost a fortune like new pieces. These may be found in places that range from specialty stores that carry reclaimed items to garage sales. Be creative when you look for pieces, and keep your eye on the vision that you have for your space.

Use Some Creativity

When you want your home to have a uniquely individual element to you, being creative is important. As you look at used furnishings, reclaimed materials and other items, think outside the book. For example, a used door may be transformed into a gorgeous coffee table with some effort. An antique vase can be turned into a beautiful lamp. Reclaimed tile can be used to create a lovely mosaic on a kitchen table top.

Look Inside Your Home for Materials

You do not always have to go shopping to find wonderful materials to redecorate your home with. For example, you may have an old bookshelf in your bedroom that can be refinished and modified to use as a lovely TV stand for the family room. Old curtains that may no longer be desired in a guest bedroom can be used for throw pillows in the living room. Walk through your home to consider the possibilities, and you may be surprised at what you find.

Do Some Work On Your Own

There are some tasks that you may need to outsource to a professional contractor. For example, a licensed electrician can install new light fixtures in your home. However, you can typically save money by completing some tasks on your own simply because you are not paying for labor. In addition, you may enjoy greater flexibility with the style of your space when you do your own work. For example, you may consider selecting your own fabrics for curtains, throw pills and even material to re-upholster the dining room chairs. You may also consider refinishing bookshelves, tables and other pieces on your own.

When you redecorate your home, your goals may be to update the look as well as to incorporate style that suits your personality and your lifestyle. This alone can be difficult to do, but the challenge becomes even more complicated when you attempt to accomplish those goals on a budget. While incorporating a touch of style into your space on a budget is rarely simple and easy, it is not impossible to accomplish this goal. When you adopt some of these tips into your efforts, you can more easily achieve gorgeous style in your home without exceeding your budget.