5 Signs Your Body is Trying to Tell You Something Important

We all want to live happy, inspiring, and most importantly, healthy lives, but in order to do so, we need to be very much in tune with our bodies.

If you’re someone who pays close attention to your wellbeing, then you know all-too-well that there are times when your body can “speak” to you, without saying any words in particular. This can happen in a myriad of manners that might cover just as many mysterious conditions. Of course, these “mystery conditions” must always be assessed by a doctor first, but getting to know them might give you an idea of how to best take care of yourself in the meantime!

Here are 5 signs your body is trying to tell you something important–as well as 5 ways you can get back to feeling 100% as soon as possible!

  1. For ladies: your PMS symptoms have intensified–and aren’t stopping after your period ends

    Women and girls who have had the misfortune of experiencing endometriosis know that the disease can feel like the worst PMS symptoms you’ve ever had–complete with aches, pains, and even excruciating migraine headaches. This syndrome occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus and fallopian tubes starts growing on their outsides.

    As mentioned, the first signs are often PMS-type pains that won’t quit, and although you might suspect that you have endometriosis, it’s up to your doctor to come up with a diagnosis. Afterward, they may suggest everything from dietary changes to hormone therapy, or, in the worst cases, even surgery.

  2. You have painful, itchy, patchy, and peeling skin

    If this description resonates with you, you might have psoriasis, a chronic syndrome that causes sufferers to develop itchy rashes due to overactive skin cell production.

    While flare-ups can be controlled by prescription medications for long-term help, some folks have found that certain OTC skin creams, like U.K.-based Child’s Farm, work best for them.

  3. You are experiencing soreness in your legs

    Are your sore legs getting in the way of your running game? If so, you might want to pay attention to your magnesium and potassium intake, as these vitamin and mineral deficiencies are known to contribute to extra soreness.

    Munch on foods like bananas, yogurt, and spinach, and your runs should go much more smoothly!

  4. You wake up with searing neck and shoulder pain

    There’s nothing worse than waking up after a fitful night’s sleep to serious neck and shoulder pain! Most of the time, the soreness can be blamed on improper sleeping positions, especially for side sleepers.

    Sound like you? If so, then try your best to keep your shoulders as wide-open as possible when you sleep. This can be done by adding a leg pillow in between your knees, or even hugging it in front of you while you sleep. You should feel a significant difference soon!

  5. Your urine is not the shade that it should be

    Folks who are consistently healthy should expect a pale yellow hue in the toilet when they’re done tinkling–gross, but true! So, if yours is a dark yellow, or even worse, a dark brown, orange, or reddish color, then something might be awry.

    If it’s a bit darker than normal, you’re likely dehydrated, which means it’s time to up your water intake. If it’s any darker than that–and especially if you are also experiencing a burning sensation while you urinate– it’s time that you see a doctor STAT. These darker colors are often associated with anything from a UTI all the way up to bladder cancer.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these “mystery symptoms.” Have you ever experienced any of them before? If so, did they turn out to be caused by something else? Do you know of any alternative treatment options?